Groeten uit Temecula



The land of our ancestors

Our Oma and Opa walked on your cobbled streets

Meeting friends everywhere they went… meeting loved ones, and neighbors

Pastures, green against the clear blue sky with puffy clouds (we loved to bike here)

Windmills, beautiful windmills – three in a row!

I will never forget you Stompwijk, little village, you are the heart of our sister city

Just remember we will love your people from afar

Kindness is in your earth, your ground is good and fertile, and your people are our family


Temecula loves you Stompwijk, like a sister loves another

Events like the Kermis (festivals) we love to enjoy with you

Memories we share: of our relatives, times together, and those who are at rest in peace

Enjoy our times when we have them together

Cute little village, Stompwijk, we love you

Understanding each other is our goal as your sister city

Loving our connection as relatives

Away, but not so far…

Blessings from your sisters and brothers in Temecula, California

Written by, Teresa Luiten-Bleeker (daughter of Jack Luiten, born near Stompwijk in August 1926)